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Ovington is a small village situated in the Breckland area of Norfolk, approximately I mile north of the market town of Watton. It contains 43 properties lived in by 200 people. In spite of its small size, it is a very active village and even has an allotment site as well.

Most activities are situated around the Village Hall and the Church. Also located in this area the bottle and clothing banks to cater for local recycling. We hope you enjoy finding out about Ovington and please feel free to come and take part in our activities.

Ovington Village Hall is located at the north end of Church Road..

Foot path news update! ( The Trod!)

Highways are still in the process of finishing this project and will add a proper walking surface sometime in August.....

Ovi-Whizz 30th May 2016
A first time village event is being planned for next year. This will involve a competitive speed event for un-powered lightweight vehicles. The track will be down Church Road with a special ramp to start off the vehicles. Church Road will be closed and special parking will be arranged for the large crowds.

Additional activities and attractions will also be arranged. Watch this space......

Details so far.

Next Events

19th Novembber
County Council election - Polls close at 10.00pm

1st December
Village Doorstep collection for Bazaar, from 2.00pm

12th December
Saturday 12-3pm

Christmas Bazaar

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Animal News

Watch out for your Fish!
Otters have been attacking the village! In the Crescent there were two ponds full of specialist fish such as Koi Carp. One pond was emptied completely and the other pond was attacked with the smaller fish gone and a larger fish injured.

The intact pond was modified to stop further damage, although their have been signs of another attempt to get into the pond. Otters are also believed to have emptied a fishing pond on the Saham road and also another pond in central Ovington. So if you are keeping expensive fish - beware. It is believed that the Swimming pool on Carbrooke Road is still safe, unless it has been booked by little fury animals!

Home for a cat?
A stray Tom cat called Ginger is living in the Crescent. He has been there since the summer and no one has claimed him. He has been heroically looked after by Gerry and Kim, but Winter is here and he is living outside.

If you need a cat let us know. Contact Jeremy on 01953 883953