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Ovington is a small village situated in the Breckland area of Norfolk, approximately I mile north of the market town of Watton. It contains 43 properties lived in by 200 people. In spite of its small size, it is a very active village and has recently acquired an allotment site as well. Most activities are situated around the Village Hall and the Church. Also located in this area the bottle and clothing banks to cater for local recycling. We hope you enjoy finding out about Ovington and please feel free to come and take part in our activities. Ovington Village Hall is located at the north end of Church Road..


Foot path news update! ( The Trod!)

Highways are now in the process of finishing this project and will add a proper walking surface very soon ( October)
New Path

We now own a Phone Box!

The village is now the proud owner of an ex-BT phone box. This was bought primarily to house the Defribrillator equipment purchased by the Village Hall. Further details of this will be given on this equipment very soon.


Play basket Ball Now.

The new Basket Ball post has been installed on the public green in the Crescent. This is available for anyone to use at any time.

Next Events

Ovtoberfest 18th October

Parish Council Meeting 6th November

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